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About us

Communication design for sustainability & fairness

We believe in the power of good design. As humans and designers, we want to take responsibility and make no compromises! We want to use our precious time and design skills to make all the efforts which advocate for a better future more visible and effective. Let's go down a new path together, courageously!

Our offer

Our design is more than just beautiful

With idealism, future-oriented strategies and holistic design concepts, we support companies, NGOs, institutions and brands in establishing themselves with authenticity in the market and making their values visible.

Eco-Social Marketing

Wir glauben an die Kraft von bewusst eingesetzten Marketing-Strategien und Methoden. Ganzheitlich berücksichtigen wir ethische, humane, ökologische und soziale Aspekte.

Holistic Design

A conscious approach in the design process is called for. We are here to provide holistic support. Together, we develop solutions that make sense and that create true added value. Because sustainable design solutions are more than just ecologically efficient!

Design Strategy

For us, there is no sustainable design without strategy! At the beginning of every project, a clear direction is essential. Based upon core values and long-term goals, our design strategy serves as the compass for a conscious way forward throughout the entire process.

Impulses & Workshops

We love to design individual co-creative spaces to explore values and visions. We also enjoy sharing our knowledge and experiences in different settings!

Let yourself be inspired


We are thankful for the collaboration with so many inspiring individuals who courageously go their own way. Through their projects, they actively make a positive contribution regionally and globally. Making the ‘good’ visible and, in doing so, inspiring others is the essence of our work.

Corporate Identity
Graphic Design
Editorial Design
Branding &
Web Design

We are also not perfect! For all the negative effects of our work that we cannot yet avoid, we donate 20% of our time to a climate protection organisation.

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